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Enjoy your Suchitoto tour. Suchitoto is a charming city of colonial architecture, symbol of cultural traditions. Visiting this city is to find a vibrant past on each of its buildings. A journey through time for lovers of tranquility and natural and cultural beauties. Suchitoto is known as the heart of El Salvador’s cultural traditions. Surrounded by colorful handicrafts shops that express the lives and feelings of Salvadorans. Splendid cobbled streets, restaurants and cafes offer the appropriate space to immerse yourself in the interesting architectural designs. One of the most outstanding buildings in the city is the Church of Santa Lucia, located opposite the central plaza. Suchitoto means “Bird in flower”. Also the beautiful Suchitlán lake, the perfect place to tbird watching of local and migratory birds.

Suchitoto is located near La Bermuda, an interesting site that keeps the remains of the first city of San Salvador. It is also near the largest archaeological site in the country: Cihuatán. El Salvador, due to the fertility of its land, was the site of numerous Spanish colonies throughout the region. They developed and exploited mainly the production of indigo. The colonial buildings in central america was the mixture of the Spanish and Arab construction. This was fused with the local materials that it found, resulting in beautiful houses, thick walls and large patios. Cool houses with large windows adorned with precious wrought iron fenders. Suchitoto has become the city of best preserved colonial architecture in the country. This city has survived over the years, to storms, earthquakes and civil wars. Suchitoto is waiting for you!