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The Izalco volcano el salvador is the youngest volcano in the country and one of the youngest on the continent. When you think of a volcano, the first thing you can imagine is a colossal volcanic body with a conical shape. The Izalco volcano has an almost perfect cone shape. The Izalco volcano is part of the Apaneca – Ilamatepec montain range. At the foot of this volcano is a town of colonial origin that bears the same name.

Despite the young age of this volcano, it has many stories to tell. This place is known as the Lighthouse of the pacific for having remained in continuous eruption for more than 196 years. The ships knew that they had reached the Port of Acajutla when they saw the impressive lava flows of this colossus. Now this impressive volcano is waiting for you so you can conquer the top.

To start our trek on this the Izalco volcano tour we must reach the Cerro Verde National Park, located 1:30 hours from San Salvador. This volcano is undoubtedly a total adventure, the hike in complete probably one of the most challenging. A good physical condition will be very helpful in your walk. The hike to the Izalco Volcano start from the top of Cerro Verde National Park.

The first part of the hike will be going down the Cerro Verde National Park. Walk in the middle of the misty forest until you reach the foot of the Izalco volcano. We will continue with the ascent by the volcano formed practically d dry lava. From this point the climb lasts approximately 40 minutes.

From the top of the volcano you can appreciate the flows of dry lava, the Santa Ana volcano one of the active volcanoes, and the Salvadoran territory. It will take us about 2 hours to reach the top of the Izalco Volcano and another 2 hours to return.

After this adventure we will end by visiting the beautiful Lake Coatepeque. Cool off in its waters or simply enjoy the scenery.

Lake Coatepeque is a volcanic caldera formed thousands of years ago, now considered the most beautiful lake in the country. Every year its waters change color, from normal deep blue to a turquoise color. Discover this corner of El Salvador with us on this Izalco volcano tour.